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How to File Your Airplane Claim of Lien Online

When most people see an airplane cross the sky, or when they board one for travel, they may not put much thought into just how they work. An aircraft is a true marvel of engineering, and the technology that allows for a plane to take flight has barely been around for 100 years. There are a number of intricacies involved in the mechanics of an aircraft, and to ensure an airplane’s safety, regular maintenance and occasional repairs must take place. Aircraft mechanics have a highly specialized set of skills, and if you happen to be in this line of work, you know that your time and energy is valuable. Though it is an unfortunate reality, it does happen from time to time that an airplane owner will allow an invoice for services rendered to go unpaid. While this can be a frustrating occurrence, you do have options, legally speaking, to recover what you are owed. By filing an airplane claim of lien, you can encourage the party you did work for to issue your due compensation. At the National Aviation Center, we can help you process your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) paperwork for this matter online.

Airplanes have evolved quite a bit since the Wright Brothers first took flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. As plane engines and technology have advanced, so too has the role of the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA, as we know it today, has existed for about 70 years, and they navigate the responsibilities that come with monitoring the United States skies. As a federal agency, the FAA issues pilot licenses, regulates air traffic, and maintains a registry of all aircraft owned in the United States. When an airplane claim of lien is issued, the FAA must be informed, and this is done by submitting an aircraft claim of lien form.

How Does an Airplane Claim of Lien Work?

If you earn your living by repairing and performing maintenance on aircraft, chances are you are a busy, in-demand individual. The simple truth is that the skill set required for this line of work is hard to come by, and those who do it are compensated accordingly. If you have worked on a plane, and gone through the process of submitting an invoice, you can fairly expect prompt payment. When such an invoice goes unanswered, however, you may feel helpless in terms of how you can seek what you are owed. Fortunately, there is a legal process that you can pursue in such an event, and this is done by completing an aircraft claim of lien and filing it with the FAA.

When you prepare an aircraft claim of lien, there is a collection of pertinent details that you will need to assemble. More specifically, you will need to provide the amount of your claim, as well as a summary of the services rendered, and the dates on which they occurred. You should also list the plane’s N-number, manufacturer, model description, and serial number. Once you have completed this document, you will then need to send it by mail to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. You can also process this online by using our fillable form and SSL-encrypted web portal.

So, you have filed your claim of lien–what happens next? Your claim of lien will show up on the airplane’s title abstract, which can be a major headache for its owner. A lien makes it very difficult to obtain financing or sell an aircraft, so they generally work well to hasten payment. It is worth noting, however, that this is a legal process, so you will want to hire the services of an attorney who knows this area of the law.

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Airplane Claim of Lien

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