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How to File to Reinstate Registration With the Federal Aviation Administration

Did you delete your aircraft registration with the Federal Aviation Administration? Has it been more than a month since your certificate expired? You might need to reinstate registration.

Reinstate Registration For Your Aircraft

As you’re probably aware of already, your aircraft certificate of registration is a vital component of your airplane ownership, for this will serve as the piece of documentation that allows you to operate the aircraft in question in United States airspace. This document needs to be kept valid and in good standing throughout the entirety of the ownership if the aircraft is going to be flown. However, there are times in which the registration, for whatever reason, might be deleted or allowed to expire from the Federal Aviation Administration registry. 

Deleting Your Aircraft Registration with the FAA

There are many reasons why a certificate of registration might end up getting deleted from the FAA database. Perhaps the owner intends to ground the aircraft for some time, or maybe they are moving away from the United States and are planning on registering it abroad with a foreign aviation agency. Either way, the owner will have to file for deletion with the Federal Aviation Administration in order to do either of these things. However, deletion is not the only way in which your aircraft registration might end up getting deleted. This will also happen if you fail to file for aircraft registration renewal within a month of your certificate’s expiration date. In such a case, or if you’re looking to register your aircraft with the FAA again after having deleted it, you’ll have to file to reinstate registration. Here’s how.

Filing For Reinstatement

In order to file to reinstate registration, you will simply need to submit the corresponding form to the FAA. Now, what this entails is, mainly, filling it out with some key information about the aircraft and paying for the application fee. It’s not going to be as complicated as it was to get your aircraft application in the first place. However, like all administrative paperwork, it can easily become convoluted or frustrating. That is, of course, if you take care of all this by yourself. Here at the National Aviation Center, we have everything you might need in order to take care of this process easily and quickly. Trust us to take care of it all for you.

reinstate registration
File Your Reinstatement Forms

Here at the National Aviation Center, we know just how stressful paperwork can be, especially when you’re probably busy with more important stuff. All the forms you might need in regards to your registration with the Federal Aviation Administration can be found here on our platform for you to fill out, submit, and process without issue. Whatever you need, you will find on our website, and should you need help at some point, you can always count on our team to help you out with whatever you need. Feel free to reach out to us with your doubts, questions, and concerns about the process. We are here to help you get that airplane up and running.