FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

How Does the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Work?

Every existing plane in the US must have its documentation in rule for operating legally. Maintenance over paperwork it’s important, since filling the right forms in time will avoid any trouble with the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal must be done promptly since it expires three years from the expiration date of the previous certificate. Until the registration expires, the Federal Aviation Administration will send three notices to your registered mailing address. It’s important to know every instance of the process and how you should proceed.

Notifications For The FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

The Registry will mail a notice with instructions to the owner using the mailing address of record six months before an aircraft’s registration expires. The notice will say  “Notice: Expiration of Aircraft Registration.” Do the application as soon as possible, but beware: even if the Federal Aviation Administration wants you to renew any documentation on time, they might send it back if you send it too soon. Wait until you receive the first notice to proceed with the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal. You can apply for the registration renewal on our website for a cost of $65.00.

FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal

What happens if you don’t get any notice from the FAA? If you’re sure your aircraft registration expires in less than six months and still haven’t received anything in your mailbox, there might be an issue with the mailing address. The address on the previous application could be incomplete, non-existent or maybe you moved and forgot to change it during the three years before expiration. If that’s the case, you can change your mailing address here.

Second Notice And Expiration

In case you haven’t applied for the FAA Registration Renewal shortly before receiving the first notice, you’ll get a second one between two to three months before the registration expires. The form is entitled “Final Notice: Expiration of Aircraft Registration.” If you applied shortly after the file-by date informed in the first notice, contact us here to check the status.

If you don’t meet the deadline for the FAA Registration Renewal, you will receive within a month from the expiration date a third and last notice from the Federal Aviation Administration named “Aircraft Registration has EXPIRED – N-Number Pending Cancelation.” Expiration is a serious issue since you can’t operate your aircraft legally until you apply for the process of re-registration. Even so, your N-Number could be taken away in case you wait much longer. If you need to re-register your aircraft documentation, you can do it here.

Avoid Problems With The FAA: Get Started Today

Expiration dates can’t be extended, no matter what. That’s why it’s important to apply for the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal six months before expiration. This gives you time to inform any changes in case you missed something.

We can provide everything you need to keep your aircraft documentation updated. Even if the renewal expires, you can re-register it easily with us. We can help you to fly legally for many years and not have to worry about FAA notices. Head to our website to find out more.