Following Proper Protocol

Following Proper Protocol

Flying an airplane is an exhilarating experience, and liberating. However, it is also important to remember the safety measures which need to be taken, no matter how experienced of a plane owner or pilot you are. Aircraft security should never be forgotten about, and it’s important to fully know and understand your aircraft if you are an owner. Although slightly counterintuitive, statistics have shown that accidents are more likely on the ground rather than in the air. Over time, more codes, restrictions and guidelines have emerged in terms of aircraft security, and for good reason. Having to abide by stricter rules saves the lives of those involved in air travel and leisure flying. Whether it’s for corporate or charter operators, similar security concerns exist for both.

What to Check Before and After Flying

As sturdy as an aircraft may seem, they are not indestructible. Aircraft security means remaining alert before, during and after flying. Before you take off, extra precautions should be taken to secure the aircraft. Using whatever tools necessary, like applying tamper proof security tape over main doors and baggage doors, or specific window locks, could be helpful. Making sure any communication devices are working correctly, and being trained in the event there needs to be an emergency landing. Additionally, giving the aircraft a good look to make sure nothing has gone array after the flight. There should be a routine check after each flight, even if it seems as though nothing has gone wrong.

Registering your aircraft

Filing with a Third Party

Our site offers the registration you may need when registering your aircraft. The services we provide help you to skip some steps and save time registering your aircraft. If the FAA has the proper information on file, future issues and maintenance will be less complicated for you or anyone involved. Owning an aircraft is a huge responsibility, and it is imperative that you are prepared in the event there is an emergency.

Contact FAA for More Information

Aircraft security should not be taken lightly, which is why we provide our services to help walk you through the need-to-know information. We are here to help you file proper registration for your aircraft. You have the option to fill out the forms electronically and them to us so we can double check your information and me sure everything is filled out correctly. For more information call 1-800-357-0893.