FAA Registry

Aircraft Registration and the Federal Aviation Administration Registry

Now that you are getting serious about buying an airplane for yourself, there are some steps you will want to take that can help make the process better for you. Your search for just the right airplane may seem extensive, but it is necessary for you to do this so you can be sure you get the plane that is best suited to your needs and finances. You might look at dozens of potential planes, and along the way, it can be beneficial to you to make use of the information available to you through the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration Registry can be a valuable tool for you, and once you have decided about a purchase, you will want to make sure you know the process of registering your plane with the FAA yourself.

Using the Federal Aviation Administration Registry for Information

The FAA registry is a great source of information before you buy anything. With some necessary information about the aircraft you are considering, like the N-number, you can look up the planes thanks to the search tool available on the FAA’s website. Type in the number into the search box hit enter, and you can get background information about the plane in question so you can learn more about its history. You may learn more about the aircraft than you thought, and it can provide you with enough to let you know if this is the aircraft you want to buy or not.

FAA Registry

Becoming Part of the Registry

If you purchase a newly-manufactured aircraft or a used one, you will still need to register the airplane so you can become part of the Federal Aviation Administration Registry. There are forms that you will need to find out so that you provide pertinent information to the FAA that allows them to certify your airplane so that it can be legally flown. Without the proper certification, your plane cannot fly and will be grounded. You run the risk of fines or worse if you violate these laws, so it is in your best interests to get the paperwork taken care of. Of course, the paperwork can seem time-consuming, and if you make mistakes it can mean delays of days or even weeks before you get final approval, so you want to do your best to be sure you get everything correct the first time around.

Getting Help with the FAA

Help is available to you so you can successfully become part of the FAA registry without difficulty. Here at the National Aviation Center, we are the expert staff you want to assist you with filling out forms and getting information correct. We make all the FAA forms available for electronic filing, and best of all, we will check over everything you submit to make sure it is accurate before we send it to the FAA, cutting back on problems and delays. Make registering your aircraft faster and more efficient with our help, so you do not have any delays in getting your plane in the air.