FAA Change of Address

FAA Change of Address: Here’s How to Do it

A lot can change in three years and your situation is no exception. Who would have thought of a lockdown or wearing masks three years ago… That is, however, the amount of time your aircraft registration is valid for. And if you, for instance, move from the address you used to live in when you submitted the document, it is your responsibility to inform the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of a change of address. The process can seem overwhelming, so we created this article to explain to you how to do it. Read on and find out!

What’s the FAA?

The FAA is the governmental entity responsible for the protection of the United States and close international waters aerospace. They are a part of the Department of Transportation and accomplish their mission by issuing pilot’s licenses to the people who approve the competency exams and by keeping an up-to-date registry of every plane flying around American territory, from small jets to large commercial boeings.

Every United States aircraft needs to have the appropriate registration to be habilitated to take off. For that to happen, they have to submit the form AC 8050-1 to the FAA. You can get the form from their website and download it, fill it out either manually or electronically and, after you print it, send it through a regular post to the FAA main offices in Oklahoma along with the supporting documentation (a bill of sale or evidence of ownership) and the appropriate fee. Once the agency approves your submission, you will be assigned an N-Number (if the plane was new) that will be displayed on the aircraft. This process may take up to 90 days, and the document will be valid for three years later on.

The FAA Change of Address – Form AC 8060-55

As we said at the beginning, you need to inform the FAA of any changes in your situation during the time frame your registration is valid for. The most common one is to move out from the address you used to live in when you submitted the form. If that is the case you will need to complete an FAA Change of Address form, known as the form AC 8060-55. This document can also be found on the FAA website, and the process is the same as we explained for the registration.

You need to be advised, however, that this document is only used for updating your address with the Federal Aviation Administration. This process doesn’t result in the issuance of a new registration certificate with an updated address. If you want to obtain a replacement certificate that reflects your new address you will need to submit the form AC 8060-56 after the change of address form was approved.

FAA Change of Address

Getting your FAA Change of Address for You

There is no need to feel overwhelmed. That is what the National Aviation Center is here for. If you process your FAA Change of Address through our site (and actually any other type of aircraft documentation) you will:

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