Aircraft Title Transfer

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Transferring aircraft titles is a delicate process, not exactly because it’s that complicated, but because it requires some level of attention to detail at the time of submitting the necessary forms and applications. There will be certain aircraft title transfer applications involved, so it’s good to pay attention to them and how they will relate to your specific case. Different transfers of title will vary in how to best approach them.

Different Kinds of Transfers

There are two main situations in which you’ll be looking at a transfer of Title process for an aircraft: partial and full transfers. Now the aircraft title transfer for both of them is going to be the same, but you will need to fill them out in slightly different ways. Let’s take a look at both situations and how to deal with them.

Transferring a Full Title

If you are selling or passing on your aircraft, then what you’re looking at is a full transfer of title. This means that you are giving up your own claims over the aircraft and passing them along to the new owner. In turn, the new owner will not have to register their aircraft with Transport Canada like you might have had to do because the registration itself is already in place. An aircraft’s documentation is tied to the airplane itself, not to the owner, so you’re merely changing the names and addresses on the registration by filling out the aircraft title transfer application. This way, the new owner will have their own claim over the aircraft and you will no longer be tied to it going forward.

Transferring a Partial Title

Transfers of titles don’t always have to be full. They can also be partial, which is very common in cases of joint title. Marital unions, business partnerships, and family purchases are only some of the ways in which more than one person can have a joint title over an aircraft. Maybe you and your siblings decided to pitch in to buy an airplane for the family, or maybe you and your business partner decided you needed one for your practice. Either way, a shared title over an aircraft might need to be altered, whether to add or remove an owner. In these cases, you will also need to make use of the aircraft title transfer application available here, just make sure you file them as partial transfers rather than as full ones.

Aircraft Title Transfer

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