FAA aircraft registration renewal

FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal: Can You Do It Online?

The authority to fly an aircraft within the USA is to have a valid certificate. For new registrations, an initial registration form is filled while for already existing certificates, a renewal form is filled. Expired certificates are not valid and can only be used after re-registration.

Aircraft owners can fill the forms manually and send them by postal services, courier, in person, or fax. If this process is tedious to the applicant, they may choose to submit FAA aircraft registration renewal through the National Aviation Centre online portal.

Yes, it Can be Done Online

The internet has brought services closer to customers enabling them to do transactions, search and apply for various services online. One of the services is FAA aircraft registration renewal.

Traditionally, applications were done manually by typing information on hardcopy forms then send them through various traditional means. These were means like in-person delivery, mailing, faxing, or use of commercial delivery services.

Today, the scene is different because although these traditional ways are still applicable, there is an easier and faster way of filling and submitting the forms. The National Aviation Centre online portal is one of the most secure portals.

It is configured to use newer technology and is encrypted with SSL encryption. The newer technology and encryption ensure services are rendered fast and in the most secure way. Applicants who use this site get personalized services.

FAA aircraft registration renewal

How is FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Done?

The aircraft owner receives a notification from the FAA at least six months before the expiration date. The notification contains a re-registration code and the owner must fill the renewal form no later than three months to expiry.

If they want to make any changes like address, they will have to use the hardcopy option but if there are no changes, the online option is advised. An owner may go beyond the three-month deadline but in that case, they can only apply on hardcopy.

All forms that are not filled online must be mailed, sent by commercial courier, or delivered in-person to the FAA office in Oklahoma. Whatever the method an applicant uses, they must give the FAA an allowance of at least six weeks to process the certificate.

For new registrations, owners are allowed to use the pink copy to fly their aircraft for up to 90 days but for renewals, the pink copy is not applicable and they have to wait until they receive their renewed certificate. Certificates always expire on the last day of the month and are renewed on the first day of the month. 

Various Violations and Consequences of Non-compliance

Violation of FAA guidelines is not just tied to failure to renew a certificate, but there are many other types of violations. As an aircraft owner, you should take note of these possible violations.

Owning and flying an aircraft that does not bear the name of the owner – some owners buy an aircraft but forget to change the name from the former owner to theirs. Even if the certificate is still valid, this is a violation.

If something negative happens, the previous owner will be held responsible. After purchase, the old owner’s certificate should be returned to FAA, and another certificate in the name of the new owner issued.

Flying beyond US territory using the pink copy – the pink copy is only a temporary authorization and it should not be used outside of the US territory. The owner should wait until they get their certificate to fly beyond the US.

Non- US citizens registering as US citizens –  Non-US citizens should indicate in the application they are not US – citizens. FAA treats this violation more seriously.

Lack of notification of change of address – anytime an owner changes their address, they must notify the FAA within thirty days without which the certificate might become invalid. Flying without a certificate is a more serious crime that can lead to imprisonment or a hefty fine.

Don’t be Caught Unaware; Fill the Relevant Forms with Us

The FAA has many types of forms and aircraft owners are required to fill the relevant ones and submit them in time. Situations that may require a form are transfers, renewals, a claim of lien, change of address, de-registration, and so on. Our portal is secure and makes the process easy and fast. If you need to fill any type of FAA form or ask for more information, call us at 1-800-357-0893.