Airworthiness Certificate

Do You Need an Airworthiness Certificate to Fly?

Are you thinking of buying your own plane? If so, it is likely the result of many years of training, hard work, and perhaps even saving the necessary funds. The fact is, owning your own aircraft is a unique sort of luxury, and it is one that not many can afford. But if you have logged the hours necessary to obtain your pilot’s license and you have a true passion for aviation, the allure of having your own plane can be fairly strong. Just the idea of being able to take off whenever the urge strikes you can be exciting, but as you may know, it is also a privilege that comes with a fair amount of responsibility. Beyond having your aviator’s license, you will need to register your aircraft and obtain an airworthiness certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before you can clear the runway.

If you think about it, it makes sense that aviation is a fairly well-regulated practice. Piloting your own aircraft comes with a fair amount of risk, so adhering to rules and safety practices is absolutely compulsory. The FAA, for their part, prefers to maintain detailed records on the planes in United States airspace, as well as the individuals who are flying them. If you are thinking about making aviation your new hobby, you are going to want to make sure you stay current on all of your FAA paperwork and documentation. 

What is an Airworthiness Certificate?

So, you have your pilot’s license and you have registered your airplane with the FAA, which granted you an N-number–what is next? Well, you are going to need to obtain a certificate of airworthiness. This document, in short, demonstrates that your airplane is in good, working condition, and able to safely fly. This certificate is of extreme importance and it is illegal to fly without it. 

As owning an aircraft is a fairly cost-prohibitive activity, there is always a strong market for previously owned planes. As older planes can have a fair amount of wear and tear, it is a must to keep them well-maintained and worthy of flight. Your airworthiness certificate will be issued after FAA inspectors thoroughly assess your aircraft, ensuring that it is in good condition.

Only an aircraft owner can apply for a certificate of airworthiness with the FAA. It is worth noting, they also come in two different types: a Standard Airworthiness Certificate and a Special Airworthiness Certificate. If an airplane’s condition should deteriorate, the FAA does reserve the right to revoke a certificate of airworthiness.

Airworthiness Certificate

Get Your Certificate Online!

While you do have the option of visiting the FAA’s website, downloading the appropriate PDF document, printing it, filling it out by hand, and mailing back to their Oklahoma City office for processing, there is also an easier way to obtain your certificate. By working with us at the National Aviation Center, you can apply for your certificate of airworthiness in just minutes with our online forms. Take a look around our site and see for yourself–we offer one-stop shopping for all of your FAA documentation needs.