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Do You Have to Renew or to Reinstate Registration? Here’s How to Know

A lot of aircraft owners think that, in order to renew their airplane documentation, they need to reinstate registration. However, that’s not what this form is for. Allow us to explain this.

How to Reinstate Registration For Your Aircraft

Your aircraft registration, as you probably already know, is a very important document that you need to keep around whenever you are operating your airplane in both American and international airspace. With this in mind, you need to watch out for potential expiration dates. After all, if your aircraft registration expires, you will not be able to fly it until you reinstate it. This process, while simple, does require some particular attention to detail, as well as a significant amount of knowledge about the overall application. If you’re not an expert in aircraft documentation, don’t worry, because we are. After all, that’s what the National Aviation Center is here for.

Has Your Registration Expired?

So, you probably already know that, should your airplane registration expire, you can’t reinstate it by filling out the form for a replacement certificate. This is not what that form is for. If you would like to keep your registration valid, you need to renew it before it actually expires. In case that your registration actually expires, however, what you actually need to do is reinstate and re-register your aircraft. This will be an entirely different process than that to renew your registration or to replace it. Through this process, you are simply restoring a registration that, for one reason or another, was left unrenewed for a period of time. If, for example, you grounded your aircraft for a few years and, in that time, you misplaced your registration, chances are it expired and you will need to go through the reinstate registration process.

Is Your Registration Still Valid?

If your registration hasn’t expired yet, though, that means that you don’t have to go through the reinstatement process just yet. You can still file for renewal in order to make sure that your aircraft registration doesn’t expire on you and, therefore, sabotage your continued use of it. If your expiration date is coming up, head over to the renewal form option here on our website. You won’t just be able to fill it out here, but also pay for the application fee and submit it directly to the Federal Aviation Administration through our platform. Once your application is processed, your renewal will be official and your registration certificate will be good to go for a few years without having to file for the reinstate registration form.

Reinstate Registration

File All of Your Aircraft Documentation

At the National Aviation Center, we are well aware of two things: one, that you most likely want your aircraft ownership to be as smooth as your flying, and two, that you don’t want to have to deal with complicated forms and applications in order to do so. To make sure you’re covered on both ends, we have established the ideal platform for all your aircraft documentation needs. This way, you don’t have to worry about the complex aspects of your ownership while enjoying all the best ones. And remember that, should you ever need help during this process, you are always welcome to reach out to our team with any questions you might have.