aircraft airworthiness certificate

Do I Need An Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate?

Whenever your plane goes up in the air, it is important that it is in good condition. Planes that are not properly taken care of are more likely to fall from the sky and result in deaths or serious injury. To make sure that you are flying a safe plane, you need to obtain an aircraft airworthiness certificate. This is the document that proves your plane is airworthy, and if you wish to fly in US airspace, you need to obtain this certificate for each plane that you have. You will not be allowed to fly unless you have a valid certificate that can be shown on demand.

aircraft airworthiness certificate

What Is a Certificate Of Airworthiness?

This certificate is displayed in the aircraft and is the authorization from the FAA that the plane may be operated in particular categories, including standard, utility, transport, commuter, and utility. The certificate establishes that the plane has been examined for airworthiness, is in a current condition for the safe operation of the plane, and is up to date with maintenance. In most cases, when you buy a second-hand plane, you will be receiving a certificate that is transferred when you register the aircraft and will establish that it is still in a safe condition. As long as you can meet these demands, then the transferred certificate should be passed over to you and you can then operate the plane and fly it with no restrictions.

Obtaining a New Airworthiness Certificate

If you need to obtain a new certificate for your plane, then you will need to have the aircraft inspected by an approved airplane engineer. The inspector will establish that the airplane is in good condition. Only an inspector who is an official ASI (Aviation Safety Inspector) or otherwise accredited inspector can determine whether your aircraft is airworthy. You need to apply to your local FAA office to learn who can inspect planes in your area, and who can issue you with a replacement certificate. When applying for this documentation, you will need to obtain a form from the FAA. This will allow you to learn more about how to complete this to establish that your airplane is eligible and that it has been checked for maintenance and operation safety. If you do not know how to handle this or you think that you need more information, we can assist you with downloading and completing the form.

Get Our Help With Applying

If you have an aircraft that you intend to fly in US airspace, you need to apply successfully for an FAA aircraft airworthiness certificate. This documentation is essential if you intend to use the plane, and you will have to apply using a standard FAA form. This is not always easy, and so if you need help with getting the form completed, then you should reach out to the National Aviation Center. Just contact our teams online today, or call us at 1 (800) 357-0893 with any questions that you may have about your airplane airworthiness application form.