aircraft database FAA registry

Consulting the Aircraft Database FAA Registry is a Simple Form Away

All information that is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration ends up stored with the aircraft database FAA registry, which means that it’s all available if you’re looking to consult it. How? Let us show you.

Consulting the Aircraft Database FAA

If you need to consult information from the aircraft database FAA registry, then you will need an abstract of title. This refers to the record of all documents that have been submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration for any particular aircraft. This will only list the information that has been provided to the FAA during the time the plane in question was registered, which means that there are probably going to be gaps in the information if the registration was left unrenewed at some point. Additionally, there might be gaps in the timeline if the aircraft has been registered in different states or countries. However, the abstract of title is still a very informative record that can help a potential buyer or current owner cross-check past data about the aircraft.

Requesting an Abstract of Title

If your aircraft is registered as part of the aircraft database FAA registry, receiving an abstract of title is actually pretty easy. You simply need to request it using the abstract of title form on our website. Once you’ve filled out the form and sent it our way, we can revise it to make sure all the information is correct before passing it on to the FAA so that you don’t have to deal with returns or mistakes. Once they’ve taken a look and processed the form, you will receive the document that will contain all history regarding the aircraft, including its chain of ownership, the liens placed against the aircraft, any satisfactions of mortgages, and more.

What Does an Abstract of Title Contain?

What makes abstracts of title so important is that they allow you to have true and tried information about any specific plane. With an abstract of title, you don’t have to question the information about the aircraft nor its past. If, for example, a seller is telling you that the plane in question is x years old, an abstract of title will be able to tell you whether that is true or not. If you find out that the seller lied or misinformed you about something, you can redirect your business practices and avoid doing business with them. In the end, these abstracts are very useful documents whether you are getting a new plane, selling your current one, or refinancing the aircraft, among other related paperwork necessities.

aircraft database FAA registry

Submit Forms to the FAA

Filing aircraft documentation with the Federal Aviation Administration, like any kind of bureaucratic paperwork, can be kind of annoying to get through. Lucky for you, here at the National Aviation Center, we are always looking to make the experience a lot easier for you. Here on our platform, you will be able to find all the forms and applications that you might need as part of your documentation process. And, should you have any questions about any of the forms, you can always reach out to us with any questions through our contact page. You will soon be able to get all your registration documents in order without any trouble.