Aircraft Registration Renewal Application

Avoid Expiration By Filing Your Aircraft Registration Renewal Application

You know how important it is to keep your aircraft registration valid and up to date, right? After all, this is what continuously gives you permission to continue flying your aircraft. Here, you will find the aircraft registration renewal application, which will allow you to keep your documentation up and running so that you don’t have to worry about expiration.

Aircraft Registration Renewal Application

It’s very important that you never fly with your registration out of order or else it could result in fines or the grounding of the aircraft, which is why you shouldn’t let it expire. If you need to submit your aircraft registration renewal application form but aren’t sure about how to carry out the overall process, here’s a quick guide on what you can do to take care of the situation before the registration expires. And, in case it does expire, we can let you know what to do about that as well.

When to Renew?

Your aircraft registration needs to be renewed before it expires. If you’re not sure of when it’s expiring, then check the date on your certificate of registration. The renewal process can only be carried out within a few months of the expiration date, though, so don’t get ahead of yourself. You can do this a month in advance and you should be fine. However, if your registration expires, you can no longer renew it through this process. Instead, you will need to go through the process of re-registering the aircraft, which is a slightly different process. The re-registration form is meant to restore registration that was left unattended without the need to start from scratch. This will also apply if your registration has remained expired for an extended period of time if, say, the aircraft went through lengthy repairs or was temporarily moved to a different country. 

How to Renew?

So, if the expiration date is coming up, find the aircraft registration renewal application form here on our website and submit it with the necessary information to make sure it keeps going after its expiration date. It’s pretty straightforward since the information about the vessel is already in the hands of the Federal Aviation Administration. Now, if what you need to do is to re-register the aircraft, you will need to use the re-registration form, also available here on our website. Either form is readily available for you to fill out from the comfort of your home and submit it to us without inconveniencing yourself any further. Once you submit the form, it will be a matter of days before you are able to enjoy your valid registration again.

Aircraft Registration Renewal Application

Easily File Your Renewal Forms

Federal Aviation Administration paperwork can be all sorts of stressful and inconvenient, just like any other government administrative application. However, here at the National Aviation Center, we want to make sure that you’re able to go through these processes easily and efficiently. After all, here on our platform you will be able to find all the relevant application forms you might need in regards to your aviation documentation. If you have any questions at some point in this process, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page. This way, you’ll be able to get all the help you need in filing your forms to the Federal Aviation Administration.