FAA Aircraft Registration

An Easier Way to Take Care of Your FAA Aircraft Registration

Are you thinking about purchasing your very own airplane? If so, you are entering an exciting chapter of your life. By owning your own aircraft, you will have the freedom to take to the skies whenever the mood strikes you. As you cruise to new altitudes with an invigorated sense of adventure, you will be engaging in a hobby that is typically reserved for a select few. Before you can clear the runway, however, you are going to want to ensure that you are carrying a valid FAA aircraft registration. This document is central to the legal operation of your aircraft, so having a current copy on board is an absolute must.

The Federal Aviation Administration has an important and demanding job. As they are tasked with protecting the skies of the United States for pilots and passengers alike, it makes sense that they would wish to maintain an accurate database of all planes operating in the country. The FAA issues pilot licenses and aircraft registrations, as well as crafting regulations pertaining to air travel. Read on to learn more about how you can obtain your aircraft registration.

How to Obtain an FAA Aircraft Registration

In order to register your aircraft with the FAA, you will need to complete some paperwork. Specifically, you will need to fill out a Form AC 8050-1 – Aircraft Registration Application. This document will prompt you for some basic information about yourself, such as your name and address. You should also expect to provide some details about your airplane, including its make, model, and serial number.

You will want to package your application with proof of ownership, which is typically called a “Bill of Sale.” Once completed, you can submit your application and supplemental materials via mail to the FAA’s office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

How Often Do You Need to Renew Your Registration?

Once your FAA registration has been issued, you will be given an N-number. This number, which signifies your registration, is typically affixed to the tail (these are also called tail numbers). As its name would suggest, an N-number begins with the letter “N”, and is followed by three to five digits. There is some room for customization here; you can request a specific N-number from the FAA, provided it is not taken.

Once your registration has been issued, it will be good for a period of three years. Six months before your registration is due to expire, the FAA will send you a notice in the mail. This notice will include a security code that you will need to enter in your renewal form. A second notice will be sent eight weeks before your expiration as well if a renewal has not yet been filed.

FAA Aircraft Registration

Complete Your Registration Online

Whether you need an initial registration or would like to process a renewal, the National Aviation Center can help. By using our easy-to-read online forms, you can complete your application in just a matter of minutes. If you would like to learn more, contact one of our customer service agents by phone or email today.