aircraft certificate of registration replacement

Aircraft Certificate of Registration Replacement: Why and How

You land your plane. It was a great flight, had a good time, got everything done that you needed to. Before you head home, you go through the plane, checking to make sure that everything is in good working order for next time. In the course of your inspection, you find that your Certificate of Registration has been damaged. As you know, things may shift while the plane is in flight. You put it in a safe place, but you’ve also had your plane for a while, so it makes sense that something finally happened to your certificate. The truth is that you need to have a good copy of your certificate to be legally in compliance with the FAA. Don’t worry, though! We can help you to get an aircraft Certificate of Registration replacement. 

In Need of an Aircraft Certificate of Registration Replacement 

You might think: “well, it’s within three years since I either registered my aircraft or renewed the registration. So what if something happens to the Certificate of Registration?” It’s actually an important thing. You need to have a viable draft of the aircraft registration. If it becomes too damaged or you out and out lose it, a replacement will be necessary. Unfortunately, you can’t just save a PDF of it on your phone, or have a JPG printout hanging in your aircraft. At our site, you can get a replacement that will put you in compliance. 

aircraft certificate of registration replacement

Rush Processing for Your Replacement 

We know that no one ever plans for their Certificate of Registration to become too damaged or lost. When this happens, it’s the kind of unexpected problem that can cost you a lot of time as well as money (particularly if you were using your aircraft for commercial purposes). Those are just a few of the reasons that we added a “rush processing” option to our site. There, if necessary, you can choose to have your request put at the very top of our queue. That way, you can get through the processing stage that much faster. 

Replacement is Not the Same as Renewal or Re-Registration

To be clear, when we say that “we can help you to get a Certificate of Registration replacement” that does not mean that this is renewal. If your registration is set to expire, then you have to go through the “Renewal” portion of our site. By the same token, should your registration have expired, then you can’t go through a “Replacement Aircraft Registration Certificate Request” or “renewal.” Instead, then you have to go through re-registration. 

In Compliance With the FAA No Matter What Happens to Your Certificate 

It can be incredibly frustrating when your Certificate of Registration gets damaged, ruined, or you end up losing it. You go through so much to have a working aircraft, and then the thing that keeps you grounded is a piece of paper. Here at the National Aviation Center, we can keep that from happening. If you need further assistance, we’re glad to help at (800) 357-0893.