plane abstract

Getting Important Records – Acquiring a Plane Abstract

Buying an aircraft may be one of the largest purchases you ever make, so you want to be very sure that you make the selection that is best for you personally and financially. Investing all that money in a plane that may look good in pictures or in an online description only to find that there are problems with liens or that information was withheld, or incorrect can leave you with a plane that ends up costing you a great deal more in terms of time and money. It pays for you to do as much research as possible up front when you are purchasing an aircraft so that you do not regret any decisions that you make. One crucial step for you to take involves getting a plane abstract of the title so that you can get essential records associated with the aircraft in question.

The Contents of an Abstract

An abstract of title is like what you would request if you were buying a home, a piece of property, or a boat. The abstract provides background information about the plane you are interested in, including things like when the plane was built, the manufacturer, the owner information, if there are any liens placed on it, and more. While an airplane abstract is not complete, it can give you enough of the details to help you form an opinion about whether this is the right craft for you to buy. You may find that the airplane has too many liens associated with it, or there are other inconsistencies in the information that concerns you enough to start looking for another option.

plane abstract

Getting a Plane Abstract

You can request a plane abstract from the FAA, using their request form. You must fill out the information on the form and submit it, along with the associated fees, to the FAA and they will respond by sending you the information you request. You can get an abstract either on paper or on CD, whichever is your preference. You may request an abstract on different planes, but there are additional fees you will need to pay with each plane you want information on. You want to be sure you fill out the form correctly so that you do not delay a response or have the form sent back to you because the information is incomplete or inaccurate.

We Can Get Your Abstract

If you want to get a plane abstract on an aircraft you are interested in buying, you can come to us at National Aviation Center, and we can help you. You will find easy electronic access to the form you need to fill out so you can file it with us in a matter of minutes. Our expert staff will check it over to make sure the information is correct, and we will then send it on to the FAA for you. There is no fuss, the process is safe and secure, and the method is streamlined to make things easier for you.