aircraft registration renewal

What Happens if You Miss an Aircraft Registration Renewal?

Sometimes accidents happen. Maybe you simply lost track of time, or your letter from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) got lost in the mail–regardless, missing your aircraft registration renewal can turn into a complicated hassle. Since you do not want to lose any time that could be spent enjoying your aircraft, having an understanding of how to renew your registration, as well as the penalties for failing to do so, can be a smart idea.

aircraft registration renewal

Penalties for a Lapsed Aircraft Registration Renewal

As you know from your experience as a plane owner, there can be a lot of paperwork to keep up with. From your initial registration to changes of address or ownership, and registration renewals, it’s understandable that you may have missed a deadline once or twice. So, what happens if you do not get your airplane registration renewal to the FAA in time?

The FAA is required to notify you of your requirement for renewal with six months’ advance notice. If your renewal due date comes to pass without your documents submission, you will receive an “Aircraft Registration has EXPIRED – N-Number Pending Cancelation” notice. You should take this letter seriously and take steps to re-register your plane immediately. 

Losing your N-number can quickly become a mess of paperwork and a financial headache. You may not be able to get your same N-number back, requiring you to update a great amount of documentation as well as the painted tail numbers on your aircraft. 

How a Private Service Can Help

Considering what is at stake, it is prudent to get your documents submitted to the FAA promptly and completely. This means locating the correct form, printing it, filling in all required fields with ink, writing a check for the appropriate fee, and getting to the post office to acquire a tracking number. Sounds like a lot, right? Fortunately, there is a better way.

By working with a private service such as ours at the National Aviation Center, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time, money, and energy. Take a moment and explore the menu on the right-hand side of our site–you will see that we offer easy-to-fill online forms for all of your FAA needs. We also utilize an SSL-encrypted portal that ensures your data and private information will be transmitted safely and securely to the FAA.

Contact Us Today to Get Your Documents in Order

Is it time to renew your airplane’s registration documents? Do you need to de-register a plane or submit a change of address request? No matter what your documentation needs may be, the National Aviation Center can help. By submitting your forms through our website, you can make sure everything is processed in an accurate and timely fashion. To learn more, contact one of our seasoned customer service professionals today.