Aircraft Registration Expiration

What Does Aircraft Registration Expiration Mean?

One thing Americans dream of is owning an aircraft. In the past, owning and maintaining aircraft was a costly affair. So many people gave up their dream. However, with an increase in the disposable income of Americans and changes in the American tax regime, it has become affordable. To ensure safety and security, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed a full-fledged legal framework. It helps to regulate all commercial activities for an aircraft in the US including the aircraft registration expiration

According to the regulations established by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), one needs to fulfill any legal requirements. Several documents and licenses need to be procured by an individual to own, operate, buy and sell aircraft in America. One such provision is that of valid aircraft registration. 

Aircraft registration is the first step after one buys an aircraft. Registration ensures that the aircraft is listed in the aircraft registry along with all the owner’s details. Without a valid registration, you would not be able to operate your aircraft. But did you know that the registration expires every three years? Read below to understand what is to be done if the aircraft registration expires. 

Aircraft Registration Expiration

What is the Meaning of the Aircraft Registration Expiration? 

Owning and independently flying an aircraft may sound like fun. But from a national security point of view, it might increase the chances of crimes, threats to national security, cases of smuggling, illegal trafficking, etc. Hence, the FAA has been entrusted with the duty to ensure complete safety. In furtherance of its responsibility of guaranteeing national security, it has created the provision of registration expiration. It may be painful for the owners, but it helps the FAA in keeping its records updated. It also ensures that the aircraft is not being used for any illegal activities. Hence, one needs to file for registration renewal in case of registration expiration. 

Is Registration Renewal the Only Method to Update Records? 

No. The FAA has also laid down the procedure for re-registration. Re-registration is required if there is a change in the legal status of the aircraft or it gets destroyed or meets an accident, etc. If the time between this change and the expiration date is extended, one is advised to opt for re-registration, giving them legal proof of the change.

How to Fill the Renewal Application?

The National Aviation Center acts as an intermediary between an individual and the FAA. An individual wanting to renew their registration or re-register their aircraft can find the respective forms on the website of the National Aviation Center. You can provide your details and shipping address. Your application would be carefully scrutinized for any errors before being sent to the FAA. 

If you have any confusion or there are some mistakes, our team will get in touch to make sure everything is good to go. The National Aviation Center would follow up on your application status with the FAA and inform you once it is complete. After that, you will get a copy of the form at your doorsteps once the process is completed. A copy of the document shall be sent to you by post at your doorstep.

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