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Using the FAA Plane Database

Are you thinking about purchasing an airplane for your business or for personal use? Buying an aircraft is a significant step and investment for you. You want to be sure that the plane you select is one that meets your needs and is everything you hope it to be before you finalize any deal with anyone. This might seem challenging to you if you have never done anything like this before. However, you should know that there are tools available that can be of assistance to you and get you the information that can make a difference. Using the FAA plane database is a smart move on your part and can provide you with background information that will let you know if you are making the best choice.

The FAA Database

The Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, is responsible for maintaining the national database for all aircraft in the United States. When you buy a plane, whether it is your first or tenth, you must file registration paperwork with the FAA, so the airplane becomes part of the database. Even if your registration lapses eventually or you sell the plane, the plane stays in the database. The data is updated daily by the FAA, and it is continually changing as new plane owners file, planes are sold, or deactivated. Anyone can access the database at any time online. Various websites offer access, but you will need some information regarding the plan to get the data you want.

What the Database Can Tell You

If you have the N-number associated with the plane you have interest in, you can enter the number in the search bar of the website accessing the database so you can retrieve information. In seconds, the plane information will appear before you. You can get useful information, such as the name of the manufacturer of the aircraft, the year it was built, the type of registration filed, if the registration is active, and the last ownership information that was attached to the specific aircraft. All this data can be helpful to you so you can see if the plane fits the criteria of what you are seeking to buy. Accessing the database is free, and you can do it at any time and from any device.

faa airplane database

After You Use the Database

After you have used the FAA plane database and got the background information you want, if you are still interested in this particular plane, you can request an abstract from the FAA. Here at the National Aviation Center, we make it faster for you to request information or fill out any FAA forms by offering the forms in electronic versions on our website. Just come to our site, click on the link for the form you want, and it pops up instantly on your screen. You can type in your information, upload documents, and include payment information, and have it all recorded and sent to us securely in minutes. We can pass everything to the FAA for you, giving you the fastest and best way to deal with the FAA, so you get things done.