airworthiness certification process

The FAA Airworthiness Certification Process For Your Aircraft Explained

To get an aircraft up in the air, at least in administrative terms, you will need to go through the airworthiness certification process. Everything you need to do so will be right here.

Airworthiness Certification Process

Following the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations regarding establishing a standard when it comes to national aviation, it will be necessary for all aircraft to receive an airworthiness certificate that deems them suitable for regular use. After all, flying an airplane is not something to be taken lightly. In the name of personal and public safety, it’s vital that before any aircraft sets flight, it is properly evaluated and certified. This whole ordeal is pretty straightforward, but it will call for a few different components of the aircraft to be thoroughly tested and looked at. Once that’s all done and accounted for, you will be able to go through the airworthiness certification process.

Parts of the Certification Process

The Federal Aviation Administration guidelines state that there are specific components of the process that define the overall application for the airworthiness certification process. These are the following:

  • Aircraft Design, Structure, Avionics – The first step on the road to certifying an aircraft is airworthy will be to determine whether or not the design and structure are suitable to fly safely and responsibly.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems – Next, the certification team will take a look at the mechanical and electrical systems that allow for flight to take place and whether they are up to the task or not.
  • Power Plants – The aircraft’s power plants need to be evaluated for safety and efficiency to ensure their proper functioning.
  • Equipment – All additional equipment in the aircraft will also need to be evaluated and certified as part of the airworthiness process.
  • Engineering Flight Tests – Lastly, the aircraft will be evaluated by way of particular engineering flight tests that will further confirm that the aircraft in question is ready to be operated regularly.

Approving Airworthiness Certificates

So, these are very specific components of an aircraft’s structure. How are they going to be evaluated? Well, like anything else, it’s a process, but it will be done by:

  • Reviewing and verifying the design and performance data;
  • Supervising and performing several ground and flight tests; and
  • Ultimately awarding the relevant Federal Aviation Administration-type certificates.

airworthiness certification process
File For Your Certification

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