aircraft change of address

File an Aircraft Change of Address When You Move Homes or Offices

If you as an aircraft owner move at some point, then you will have to update your aircraft registration accordingly. To do so, you will have to file a form for an aircraft change of address.

Registered Aircraft Address

Remember when you first registered your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration? Well, at the time you had to include your address and contact information. This is a key component of the registration process for many reasons. Most importantly, there needs to be a way for the Federal Aviation Administration to reach out to the owner of an aircraft if something related to it happens. This is especially relevant when it comes to mailing you your aviation documents after applying for them or making changes to them. Your initial registration, for example, was probably the first of many documents that the Federal Aviation Administration mailed to the address in your certificate.

When Should You Change the Address?

So, with all this in mind, it will be key for your certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration’s registry to be up to date at all times. This means that should any information related to the aircraft change at some point, you will want to update the registry accordingly. If you don’t do so, you might end up having trouble later on in terms of contact on the part of the FAA. If you request a document related to your aircraft, for example, and you haven’t updated the address on your registration, it could potentially be mailed to the old address on the registry. This is why it will be so important to submit the application for a change in the address.

File an Aircraft Change of Address

Now that you changed your address, what do you have to do? Well, here on our menu you will find a form name “change of address”, which is what you’ll need to take care of this. You’re probably expecting an overly complicated process, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. All you need to do is fill out the form with your information, the aircraft’s, and the new address to which you want to register the airplane. The aircraft registration change of address does have a small fee, but don’t worry, it’s not a lot. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll make sure it is all in order so that the FAA doesn’t return the form to you. After this, it will only be a short matter of time before.

aircraft change of address

Federal Aviation Administration Documentation

At the National Aviation Center, we are well aware of two things: one, that you most likely want your aircraft ownership to be as smooth as your flying, and two, that you don’t want to have to deal with complicated forms and applications in order to do so. To make sure you’re covered on both ends, we have established the ideal platform for all your aircraft documentation needs. This way, you don’t have to worry about the complex aspects of your ownership while enjoying all the best ones. And remember that, should you ever need help during this process, you are always welcome to reach out to our team with any questions you might have.