FAA aircraft registration

FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal: When, Where, and How

Three years can go – if you allow me to say it – flying. Sorry for the dad joke. That is the time your Federal Aviation Administration FAA aircraft registration will last before you are due to renewal. If that is your case, you may encounter the following article useful: we will tell you when, where and how you are going to do it. Read on and find out! 

When Do I Need to Renew my FAA Aircraft Registration?

As we were saying each FAA Aircraft Registration expires three years after it was first registered or last renewed. The application for renewal has to be filed at least five months before the expiration date in order a new certificate can be delivered before the old one expires. Although it is not ideal, this five-months-windows provides a safe margin to correct any application errors you may have. They can be filed as much as six months in advance. If you send your application even earlier, it is going to be returned to the sender. Fees will be refunded.

The reason behind this is that the FAA wants to maintain accurate records in the event that you have moved, changed your name, your plane has changed its ownership, etcetera.

Where Do I Need to Renew my FAA Aircraft Registration?

You will have to head to the FAA website and download their forms, print it, complete it and send it via regular post to Oklahoma. On some cases, you may be allowed to fill it online provided you were sent a security code on an email reminding you to re-register your aircraft. Other than that, the National Aviation Center offers to process your renewal on their portal, online and with the help of their friendly staff. And that takes us to our next question.

How Do I Renew my FAA Aircraft Registration?

As we were saying before, there is two ways of obtaining a FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal. 

On one hand, you can just head to their website, print the form you were asked to, fill it out and send it to FAA Aircraft Registration Branch AFS-750 – PO Box 25504 – Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504.

Of course nowadays, you may find it easier to just do all of this online. The FAA sends you two reminders by email telling you that your renewal date is five months apart, and then remind you back when it is only missing two. Those two emails will possess a security code that, once you get to the FAA portal, will allow you to complete the form.

FAA aircraft registration

Submit Your Aircraft Registration Renewal Online and More

As you may have noticed by now, things are not as simple as they look. Uncle Ben told Spiderman “great power comes with great responsibility”. Let us tell you that a great aircraft comes with a great amount of paperwork. Just to keep track of every form you need, or what the difference between AC 8050-1 and AC 8050-1a can be a real hassle. If you add to the mix the printing of forms and the going to the post office you will already feel overwhelmed.

Luckily for you, the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal can be submitted at the site of the National Aviation Center. Just complete the form here and we will take care of the rest. If you have any other questions you need to be answered, contact one of our customer service representatives today.