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Everything You Need to Know About the FAA’s Tail Number Registry

The Federal Aviation Administration tail number registry is a comprehensive database of information attached to all aircraft registered in the United States. Here’s what you need to know to interact with it.

Tail Number Registry

If you need to get your aircraft tail numbers, first you will have to register your airplane with the Federal Aviation Administration. While this might sound like an inconvenience, it can actually be quite simple if you have the right people helping you out. Here at the National Aviation Center, we can help you not only find the form, but also fill it out and submit it to the FAA without any issue. All you’ll need to do is find the registration form on our menu, fill it out with the right information about the owner and the aircraft, and provide the bill of sale. Once you provide all this data, you can simply pay for the fee and submit it through our platform.

Display Your Tail Numbers

According to the aeronautics and space section of the Code of Federal Regulations, “Each operator of an aircraft must display on that aircraft marks consisting of the Roman capital letter “N” (denoting United States registration) followed by the registration number of the aircraft. Each suffix letter used in the marks displayed must also be a Roman capital letter.” On top of that, “when marks include only the Roman capital letter “N” and the registration number is displayed on limited, restricted or light-sport category aircraft or experimental or provisionally certificated aircraft, the operator must also display on that aircraft near each entrance to the cabin, cockpit, or pilot station, in letters not less than 2 inches nor more than 6 inches high, the words “limited,” “restricted,” “light-sport,” “experimental,” or “provisional,” as applicable.”

Consult the Registry

If what you’re looking to do isn’t to join the registry but rather to consult some of its information, you will have a couple different options to do so. On one hand, you can use the lookup tool on the website in order to get some readily available information based on the tail number. However, the tail number registry doesn’t just have this information available. You can request an abstract of title that comes with all the information attached to a specific aircraft beyond just the current ownership. You can also do this through our platform.

tail number registry

File Forms to the Federal Aviation Administration

Aircraft documentation, due to all the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration, can be confusing to navigate for a lot of people. However, it doesn’t have to be that challenging when you have the help of the National Aviation Center. Our platform is set up for you to not only find all the forms you might need, but also fill them out and submit them directly to the FAA. On top of that, you can also count on our team to help you through your application process. If you have any doubts or questions, you can reach out to us by way of our contact page. The National Aviation Center is here to help you.