aircraft transfer of ownership forms

An Alternative to The Usual Aircraft Transfer of Ownership Forms

More people are buying aircraft in the US due to fast economic recovery but the newest owners are unaware of processes to follow during initial registration, re-registration, renewal, and transfer of ownership.

Any legally owned aircraft that has not been registered anywhere else globally is eligible to be registered in the US. Most owners get challenged filling FAA forms and delivering them to Oklahoma. However, there is an easier alternative for filling and delivering aircraft transfer of ownership forms.

aircraft transfer of ownership forms

Fill Aircraft Transfer of Ownership Forms at Our Website

The National Aviation Centre is a private company and it’s not an affiliate of FAA. It helps airmen and aircraft owners fill and process various aircraft ownership forms like a claim of lien, transfer, change of address, initial registration, an airworthiness certificate.

NAC uses the latest technology in the aviation industry and an advanced SSL encryption portal for maximum security of customer documents and secrecy. To fill any type of aircraft registration form, customers follow a three-step process.

Clients complete the relevant online form and once they are through with the filling process, they submit it and pay the processing fee. Once that is done, there are no more challenges like delivering the form, arranging for secure delivery, and so on. NAC lets the customer enjoy their aircraft as they do the rest.

The process for filling the transfer form on the National Aviation Centre website is very easy. Visit the site and start filling the form right away.  Ensure every detail is captured to help make certificate processing easy.

The form includes the buyer’s details, details of the aircraft in question, and details of the seller. After every detail is captured, authorize payment and submit the form. NAC will follow up on the rest as you enjoy flying your aircraft.

Why use the National Aviation Center Website?

The National Aviation Center is experienced in all protocols and procedures involved in any type of aircraft purchase, transfer, sale, importation, exportation, and so on. Due to their experience, they recheck to confirm every form filled is correct and complies with all FAA requirements.

For example, when filling the aircraft transfer of ownership forms, they will confirm legal ownership of the seller and all purchase documents to ensure there will be no trouble in the future.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable company, you might consider NAC as your first choice. Because of SSL encryption, all its transactions are secure. The company is swift in service delivery and can help push processing time.

Requirement for Aircraft Ownership Transfer

Transfer eligibility rules are set by the FAA and they must be strictly adhered to. According to the FAA, no aircraft can be registered in the US if it has been registered in another country. The aircraft must be registered in the owner’s legal full name and the registration form must be filled in.

Before registration, an owner must provide evidence of ownership and pay the registration fee. The application form must be original and it can be done online or in hardcopy. All application forms must reach the FAA office in Oklahoma through any means like personal delivery, through commercial delivery companies, USPS, Fax, or email.

The forms cannot be filled by hand but they must be typed or printed and signed by the owner or authorized signatory in the case of a co-ownership, government, or corporate ownership.

Categories of Aircraft Registration

In the USA, aircraft are registered according to their owner’s intended use. The owner must be clear on what they want to use their aircraft for and stick within that use. If they at any time they want to change its use, they must notify FAA in writing.

Under FAA aircraft registration rules, an aircraft can be registered for one of the following uses. Use for light sports activities, for international operations, for private family use, for amateur activities, for humanitarian actives, or unnamed use.

Use the Alternative Method to Register your Aircraft

The usual way of filling transfer of ownership form is through the FAA. The only challenge with this method is that you don’t enjoy personalized services and the processing of form delivery is demanding. We offer personalized services and through us, you get served fast through a most secure system. For more information on our forms and services, call us at 1-800-357-0893.