aircraft initial registration

A Brief Guide on Aircraft Initial Registration and Similar Forms

So, when it comes to registering your aircraft, you need to consider its standing with the Federal Aviation Administration. Let’s go into the specifics of aircraft initial registration and the other circumstances in which you might need to submit other registration forms.

Aircraft Initial Registration

When we are talking about an aircraft’s initial registration, it’s important to remember that the aircraft in question can’t have been previously registered. This needs to be a new aircraft that is being registered with the Federal Aviation Administration for the first time. If this is indeed the case for you, you will need to fill out the initial registration form you will find on our home page. This will involve inputting all the relevant information about the aircraft, including the manufacturer, the model, and the serial number, as well as your personal information as an applicant. Once you are done with the information, all you will need to do is pay for the application fee and your registration will have been submitted.

Transferring Ownership

So, what if you are buying an aircraft from someone else? Do you have to go through the initial registration process? It’s new to you, after. However, the previous owner probably had it registered already. In these cases, the seller will have to submit a transfer of ownership form that will give you ownership of the aircraft. This process is fairly simple. The seller will have to fill out the form with information about themselves, as well as the new owner’s information. Once this is submitted and accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration, the new owner will be able to have the aircraft’s registration going forward. Whether or not you will have to register the aircraft will depend on the seller’s own standing in regards to their registration.

Reinstating Registration

Now, if at some point you either let your registration expire or you purposefully go through the deletion process, you will have to submit the reinstatement form. This essentially consists of submitting a form to reactivate the registration in question after it’s been either expired or deleted for a while. In order to fill out this form, all you need to provide is some identifying information about the aircraft, as well as the registered owner. Once you submit it to the Federal Aviation Administration and pay the corresponding fee, it will only be a brief matter of time before your aircraft’s registration is back up and running. Like all other forms discussed in this post, you will be able to find, fill out, and submit this form through our platform.

aircraft initial registration

Aircraft Initial Registration at National Aviation Center

When it comes to filing any sort of aircraft registration form, you will have two options. You can file the form directly with the Federal Aviation Administration, but this is likely to take a long time, especially given the way in which you need to submit the forms, and that’s not to mention that you might have your forms returned for small mistakes. On the other hand, you can find and submit all the forms through our platform here at the National Aviation Center. For more information about how to submit registration forms, you can give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 or email us at