aircraft tail numbers database

Using the Aircraft Tail Numbers Database

Owning an aircraft is something not everyone gets the opportunity to have, but if you love flying and it is a strong passion of yours, you will find that there are some great opportunities out there for you to buy a plane of your own. Whether you are looking for something sleek and streamlined filled with all the perks and amenities that make a private charter luxury plane something special, or just want a small plane of your own so that you can travel and fly yourself, there are plenty of options out there for you, especially in the secondary market. As you look at different airplanes for sale today, you will want to consider using the aircraft tail numbers database so that you can look up a craft you are interested in.

Maintaining the Aircraft Tail Numbers Database

The air craft tail numbers database you want to use is supported by the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA. All planes must be registered with the FAA, and each is assigned a unique number that is displayed on the tail of the plane. This registration is similar in nature to the registration you would have for a car or a boat. Without the correct registration and certification, an aircraft is not legal to use and can be grounded by the FAA. The information contained in the database is public record, and anyone interested can access the database and perform an inquiry. You can use the FAA’s website to access the database and see the records you may be interested in.

aircraft tail numbers database

Using the Database

If you decide to use the aircraft tail numbers database on the FAA website, all you need to do is type in the number you have from the plane into the search box, and you will get information about the aircraft. You can learn valuable details about the aircraft, including whether or not there are any existing liens on the airplane. The information lets you know who may need to be paid to remove the claims from the craft. All the data you look at may be useful to you as you seek to make a final decision about purchasing the plane.

Registering with the Database

Once you have used the aircraft tail numbers database and decided about a plane, you will want to get aircraft registration of your own with the FAA. Here at National Aviation Center, we can help facilitate all you need to do with the FAA. We offer easy access to all the forms you will need to file, and we have them all available electronically so that you can fill them out online and file quickly. Just fill out the forms, upload your supporting documents, submit your fees, and we will take care of the rest for you. We check your applications to make sure they are correct and pass them on to the FAA for you. In no time at all you can get the certification and registration you need to have for your new aircraft.