FAA aircraft registration renewal

The Ins and Outs of the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Process

Does it feel like it’s time to take care of FAA aircraft registration renewal? Has it been multiple years since you received your initial registration or renewed it? The good news is that you don’t need to renew this registration every year. However, you do need to maintain this registration. Without it, you cannot legally operate your aircraft and must stay grounded. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to keep that from happening. Here at the National Aviation Center, we’ve made the renewal process easier for aircraft owners like yourself. 

The Process Before the FAA Aircraft Registration Renewal Expiration Date 

The FAA actually does quite a bit to make sure that you renew on time. For example, they send you a renewal notice about six months before the deadline. This will tell you the date as well as give you the date you should file by so that you’re always in compliance. When you receive that notice, it’s best to renew right then (which you can do so through our site. Renewing six months ahead of time (or when you receive the notice) will not change your expiration date, it will be the same three years from now. When you get that notice, we’re happy to help. 

FAA aircraft registration renewal

There’s Still Time When You Get the Second Notice, But… 

All of the above having been said, our lives can be very busy. They understand that at the FAA. So, they send along a second notice, about two months before your expiration date. If you get this notice (and still haven’t renewed) do so as quickly as possible. The reason? There may be a “lag,” a time between when the FAA receives your notice and when they renew your documentation. So, during that interim, you won’t be able to operate your plane. Renewing six months ahead of time keeps this from happening. 

What Happens if You Don’t Renew in Time 

This is what you don’t want to happen. Should you not renew, you have to keep your plane grounded. However, all is not lost. If you go to our site, you’ll find there’s a “reregistration” form. This is what it sounds like. You can re-register your aircraft so that you can keep your registration number and get back into the sky. It’s just one of the many forms that we offer. 

All of the Forms You’ll Need to Stay in the Air Legally 

As the documentation period of three years is so lengthy, it can be easier than you think to forget to renew these forms on time. We’re here to help. Not only can you renew this documentation at our site (as well as apply for many other forms) you can do so from just about anywhere. The mobile optimization of our site has made it possible to complete all of our forms from anywhere, so long as you’re on the internet. To see all that we offer, head to our site today.