Plane Change of Address

Keep Your Registration Up to Date With a Plane Change of Address

You got your aircraft registration! Good! You are now able to fly your aircraft while meeting the regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. This is one of the most important components of owning an aircraft. Another will be keeping its registration accurate and up to date, but not a lot of aircraft owners think about this that much. Just like your plane, your documentation needs to be maintained, so let’s take a look at processes such as a plane change of address and why they’re so important.

Why Update Your Registration?

So, first of all, what is the purpose of your registration? This document is meant to reflect the current standing of your aircraft in relation to the guidelines and regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. This means that the operation of your plane depends on this documenting portraying accurate and reliable information about the ownership. Now, this principle applies to the plane’s manufacturing information, its intended use, be it private or commercial, and the information about the owner responsible for the aircraft. All this to say that, should your home address change at some point during your aircraft ownership, you should go through the process to update the registration accordingly.

Plane Change of Address

Now that we’ve explained why your aircraft registration should always reflect accurate and up-to-date information, let’s talk about the process to make changes such as a plane change of address if necessary. This isn’t hard, don’t worry. The process is actually pretty simple. There is a specific form for this called plane change of address form, which you can find here on our website. All you need to do is provide some information about yourself and the aircraft in question, including its current registration number, and provide the new address. It’s that easy. You don’t want to miss out on any information that’s mailed to your old address, so always stay on top of that. 

Making Other ChangesPlane Change of Address

Of course, a plane change of address won’t be the only instance in which you will need to update your aircraft registration. You will also need to make sure you properly file the corresponding forms should any changes on the ownership occur at some point. In cases of shared ownership in which one owner is leaving the registration or, in turn, is added to it, you will need to submit a transfer of ownership forms that officially update the registration and reflect these new ownership arrangements. 

Easily Update Your Aircraft Registration

Submitting any sort of documentation to the Federal Aviation Administration can seem complicated or annoying, but you don’t have to worry too much about it. After all, we can actually take care of most of it. You can find most of the relevant forms here at the National Aviation Center, and submit them through our platform. We’ll make sure everything is in order before passing them along to the FAA. Should you need some additional help with your plane change of ownership, don’t hesitate to use our website chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.