Airplane claim of lien

How to Record an Airplane Claim of Lien Online

An airplane is a luxurious asset but to keep it in good shape, requires constant maintenance and repair. Airplane mechanics help with this need because they do maintenance work, inspection, repair, and supervision.

Airplane maintenance work is costly and sometimes the owners feel like the cost is too high and fail to pay the mechanics. This prompts the mechanic to take further action to ensure they are paid. The FAA has provided a solution for such disputes and a mechanic can hold the airplane in lien by filing an airplane claim of lien.

What an Airplane Claim of Lien Include

The form is primarily used by mechanics to claim from airplane owners all monies owed to them. The form contains details of the mechanic, airplane details, and the work performed.

At the top part of the form, the mechanic fills in their personal details and then the airplane details like N-number, serial, and model number. There is a section that shows the total amount of claims and works performed.

In the work performed section, details like materials used, services rendered, and dates must be included. There will be a few questions at the bottom that confirm if the lien has already been filled. Once that is done, the claimer authorizes payment and submits the form.

Airplane claim of lien

Conditions for a Claim of Lien

A claim of lien cannot be filed unless a mechanic’s lien has been filed at the state level. This is the state where maintenance was carried out by the mechanic. The mechanic’s lien is uploaded to the claim of lien before submitting.

Furthermore, the mechanic lien must be compliant with guidelines set by the state where the repair work was done. Some states do not record liens and if the work was done in such a state, the claim of lien cannot be filed.

Importance of Claims of Lien

The claim of lien is a legally binding document. If an airplane owner fails to pay and they take away the aircraft, the mechanic will have consented indirectly and the owner can expressly claim to have made the payment.

On the other hand, if the mechanic holds the airplane, the owner can go to court to get an order against them. The best way out is to get a legally binding document lodged with the FAA so that the airplane can be held until full maintenance payment is made.

When is the Right Time to Renew Aircraft Registration?

No airplane should be operated within the American airspace if it’s not registered. Once registered, the certificate expires after every three years.

Airplane owners are required to apply for renewal at least five months before their certificate expires. FAA requires ample time to process and send the certificate before it expires. Processing of renewals takes about 30 days and the certificate is mailed to the applicant’s permanent mailing address.

Does Certificate Expiration Affect Other Ownership Documents?

Ownership documents such as purchase/sale agreements, liens, and leases are issued and governed under state laws but not under FAA guidelines. If the certificate expires, it does not affect any of its other documentation.

However, if the certificate expires, it means the airplane cannot be operated under American airspace and must remain on the ground until the renewal is done. Consequently, if the owner wants to sell, lease, and do other business with the aircraft, the lack of a valid certificate will hinder these processes until it’s renewed. The safest way out is to ensure the certificate is valid all the time.

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