aircraft registration

How Much Time Do You Have to Do Your Initial Aircraft Registration?

What else could feel better than getting yourself to the aerodrome on the weekend and putting your airplane up high in the sky? Probably nothing, but you must get aircraft registration before those engines get started.

Certain types of aircraft documentation have a specific time limit to be submitted as the Federal Aviation Administration may require. It is one of this institution’s major responsibilities to keep track of aircraft documentation, and when it comes to complying promptly with it, they don’t fool around. Learn how much the FAA can wait until you submit the initial registration and how to do it.

aircraft registration

Time Limits To Write Down The Aircraft Registration Form

It’s important to know that, although a grace period of up to sixty days to submit the initial registration of an aircraft, you should apply for it as soon as possible after purchase. Why? Well, mainly because you can’t legally operate your aircraft without getting it registered, and also because of the delays that may arise due to COVID-19 complications involved.

What should also be done almost instantly after acquiring an airplane is to return the former registration to the Federal Aviation Administration. This is an important obligation for the former owner/seller and must be done within 21 days of selling the aircraft. It can easily be done by finding the option ‘De-registration’ on the National Aviation Documentation center website. Keep in mind that it only applies if the aircraft was previously registered and owned by someone else, not if you’re buying a brand new aircraft from the manufacturer.

What Do I Need To Register Aircraft In The US?

There are some important requirements to meet if you intend to apply for registration. Every form has to be true to the information you are entering into it. If there are details missing or wrongfully written on purpose, the authorities may get suspicious and you could face legal problems. Be responsible at all times, after all, we are talking about putting a motor-powered metal machine in the air.

To apply for registration, you must certify that:

  • The aircraft is owned by the undersigned applicant who either is a US citizen (including corporations) or meets the aircraft registration citizenship requirements.
  • The aircraft is not registered under the laws of any foreign country
  • Legal evidence of ownership (bill of sale) is attached or has been filed with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Find The Right Form In The Right Place

Having a hard time trying to figure out how to get your paperwork done? Registering your aircraft no longer has to be an exhausting issue. Bid farewell to those days of spending countless hours looking for the forms online and getting the documents rejected because of typos or misspellings.

The National Aviation Documentation center knows how tedious and irritating dealing with all the necessary docs can be. That’s why we got this website up and running for once, to help you and so many other aircraft enthusiasts to get things done, easily and responsibly.

Feel free to reach us out if you need any help.