Plane FAA Registration

Every Plane FAA Registration Application Explained

The first step in making sure that your plane FAA registration is always in order will be to understand the specifics of the process. There are a lot of different applications that relate to the registration, which we can expand on here. Let’s take a closer look at what these applications all look like.

Getting Your Initial Registration

This is perhaps the most complicated process that you will find in relation to your plane FAA registration, and that will be getting the registration in and of itself. Not that it’s a very complex process, it will simply be important to pay attention to it because it has a few different steps that can be very particular. All you’ll have to do is submit identifying information about the vessel and yourself as the owner. This will create an entry on the registry specifically for the aircraft and maintain consistency in the vessel’s documentation going forward.

Renewing the Registration

You will notice that your registration has an expiration date, which you will have to pay attention to so that you can renew the registration on time and avoid dealing with having to ground your plane. All you have to do is send in the renewal form at least a month before the expiration date so that you’re able to have it processed. If you don’t send in the renewal application before the expiration date, you will have to go through a different process altogether.

Reregistering the AircraftPlane FAA Registration

If your registration expired, then you will have to apply for reregistration of the aircraft, which is a different application from the renewal one. If your registration expiring freezes the documentation, this will be the process by which it is thawed. Similar to the renewal process, though, you will have to submit a form with the aircraft’s identifying information, which will subsequently be processed and bring forth your registration once again.

Transferring Registration to Someone ElseAirplane FAA

Another process you should be aware of is the one to transfer plane FAA registration. This will have to be submitted when you are transferring ownership of the aircraft to someone else. This can be done in different situations, so it’s good to be aware of the differences between these. The most common instance of this process will take place when you are selling your vessel to someone else, but it will also be relevant when you are making partial changes to the ownership by adding or removing an owner.

Plane FAA Registration

Sure, submitting any sort of documentation to the Federal Aviation Administration might seem complicated or annoying, you don’t have to worry too much, for we can actually take care of most of it. You can find most of the relevant forms here at the National Aviation Center, and submit them through our platform. We’ll make sure everything is in order before passing them along to the FAA. Should you need some additional help with your plane FAA registration, don’t hesitate to use our website chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 1-800-357-0893 and we’ll answer your questions in no time.