airplane security agreement

Understanding the Reasons Behind an Airplane Security Agreement

Your aircraft, just like similar belongings, can be used as collateral as part of loans, deals, and agreements, but since it’s registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, it’s always a good idea to make sure that each claim over the aircraft is documented in an official capacity. This is what an airplane security agreement is…

plane reinstatement

The Process for Plane Reinstatement Explained

If you have gone any length of time without renewing your aircraft registration, be it one day or several years, you will have to go through a reinstatement process in order to restore its validity. That’s right, the renewal process will only work if your registration has not expired yet, so this will not be…

faa transfer

FAA Transfer of Ownership Form and Other Uses

Dealing with any sort of FAA process is not necessarily simple. Like a lot of bureaucratic applications, these tend to be overly complicated. When we are talking about an FAA transfer, for example, we are referring to one form that has at least three different uses. What are these uses and how should you navigate…

replace airplane certificate of registration

Replace Airplane Certificate of Registration Quickly

Having your airplane registration in order means always having a valid physical copy on you at all times. This means that should something happen to the certificate, you will have to go through the process to replace airplane certificate of registration. Replace Airplane Certificate of Registration If you are looking to get your aircraft’s certificate…

aircraft database

Aircraft Database, Access with a Serial or N-Number

The whole point of maintaining a database is to provide easy access to the information collected in it, right? This is why the Federal Aviation Administration maintains an aircraft database that anyone can look into with the right information at hand. Here’s how to do that. Aircraft Database Every aircraft owned by a

plane register

Transfer Your Plane Register, Quick & Easy

As an aircraft owner, you are probably well aware of how important it is to keep your plane register up to the date at each point. This is, after all, your official claim of ownership over the plane in question. This will also apply when you are transferring ownership of the aircraft. Transferring Your Plane…

AC 8050-1

Who Can Submit Form AC 8050-1 and How Can They Do it?

Every process has to start somewhere, and the process to register an aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration starts with form AC 8050-1. Anyone who acquires an aircraft in the United States will have to go through the process of submitting this form. Well, not anyone. The specifics of this whole process are very particular,…